An America Worth Fighting For...

This election cycle started for me in August of 2015 in sunny California where we worked to help elect one of my heroes, Kamala Harris, to the US Senate. Last week she won and will serve as the second African American woman and first Indian-American to join the US Senate! Following my time in California, I transitioned to the DNCC in Philadelphia where our bold leaders pushed to make the Democratic Convention the most diverse and inclusive convention in US History. Finally, I returned to the battleground state of Florida to help break the glass ceiling for Hillary Clinton and any woman who's ever been told she couldn't achieve what she set out to accomplish.

I couldn't be more proud of the fearless women whom I worked for and with across the country this cycle, but its clear that our work here isn't finished. On a recent conference call, President Obama told our alumni group that despite the election results "...I'm still fired up and I'm still ready to go. And I hope you are too..."

I'm with President Obama! The campaign is now over and while pundits debate what went right and wrong I appreciate that we can all agree on this: We Live in an America Worth Fighting For.

Climate change, criminal justice reform, healthcare, immigration, women's reproductive-rights, the economy and the Movement for Black Lives need our attention now more than ever before. I'm proud to have stood with relentless fighters who believe in working everyday to achieve the kind of America we know we can be. I can't wait to continue this fight with all of you.

In Truth and Service,

Dorien Paul

 Florida for Hillary Team - Nearly 700 Strong

Florida for Hillary Team - Nearly 700 Strong

Reflections: "Bringing Main Street into the Mainstream."

My work has taken me to incredible communities across the country where the people I've encountered are just as beautiful as the surrounding natural landscapes. I recently gave a lecture at Union College in Schenectady, NY. In this lecture I challenged community leaders, students, professors, and environmental advocates with the idea that "the success of the mainstream is environmental movement will always depend on the state of the 'Main street environmental movement.'" Andy Zou of the Concordiensis captured the essence of my lecture and what  this idea of bringing Main Street into the mainstream. Check out his article here:

Reflections: Walkable Design and Economic Development at Policy Forum 2015

Working with Smart Growth America, I've been afforded incredible insight and opportunities to work at the intersection of our nation's built & natural environments, politics, and policy. This July I joined over 100 local elected officials and policy makers at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC for the Local Leaders Council's Policy Forum 2015. Check out some of my reflections on a lively conversation on walkable design and economic development here:

Looking Back: It Isn't Easy Being Green and a Person of Color

2015 has proved to be an exciting year for the work I love to do. I kicked off this year by utilizing the platform to address some of the "diversity in environment" issues I'm diligently working to address. Check out my story, "It Isn't Easy Being Green and a Person of Color: A perspective on self-accountability and the environmental movement's diversity binge."


Dorien Paul